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Benefits of our Crates

Our Standard Lidded Moving Crate is our most popular crate and designed to be tough, secure and waterproof. Used to move most offices and homes these crates benefit from the following:

Free local delivery

  • Includes 1 delivery, and 1 pick up (within 40km radius of our Sandton store)
  • Fast Next Day Delivery

Keep your move organized

  • Crates are nestable when empty, stackable when packed.
  • 5 x Faster Packing Than Cardboard
  • No Need to Build Before You Pack

Safe and secure

  • Don’t risk your belongings to flimsy cardboard.
  • Extra Safe and Secure
  • Easy Handling
  • No Disposal Needed


  • Pricing is 50% cheaper than cardboard
  • These crates can be handled extremely easily using the handles located on both short sides and easily secured using the integral lid which folds over to secure your goods. When not using the integrated lid it lies flat against the sides of the crates.
  • The crates can be nested inside of each other when empty and stacked on top of each others' lids when full, helping to optimise valuable space.
  • These standard moving crates are best handled using the specially designed crate trolley below in related products. The trolley allows you to move the empty or full crate with ease whilst packing and unpacking.

External Dimensions

  • L:710 x W:460 x H:375 mm
  • L:28.0 x W:18.1 x H:14.8 inches

Internal Dimensions

  • L:630 x W:415 x H:345 mm
  • L:24.8 x W:16.3 x H:13.6 inches


  • 80 litres
  • 2.83 cubic feet