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7 Things You Hate About Movers

In the many aspects that movers have which relief your moving experience unfortunately along with moving scam come other circumstances that are not much in favor of you – their customer.

Sometimes moving companies act in a manner that is in your way of a smooth relocation. You cannot always expect these things to happen or know that they will. This is why this article collects several of the most common things that movers do which you may find annoying and – to make the information full – we have added up the possible solutions of the problems and tips through which you can avoid the things that you may find absolutely unpleasant. Ignoring the facts will not change them – facing them and being informed will!

  1. If you have asked for a quote but don’t seem to understand it.
    Solution : Read everything you get from movers before signing it. At first it may seem pointless and you may think those are standard papers but in reality every move is unique and so is yours.
    Tip : Find out what are the types of moving estimates and quotes in advance.
  2. The company acting unprofessional. What happens is you call a mover with the request of getting a quote and with questions you have. You should be getting straight and full direct answers to any question you have. Movers that are unprofessional will not tell you exactly what you need or will avoid giving you information. Instead, they will only try to talk you into hiring them and giving them their deposit.
    Solution: If the moving company you have contacted is vague, unclear or acts rude, just don’t use it. And definitely don’t hire a company if the rep hangs up the phone on you.
    Tip: Research well movers. Part of this research is reading reviews. Find movers in your area and read all about them before hiring them. This kind of behavior is a sign of scam and may make your relocation problematic rather then successful.
    Being late
    What if the movers are late? If you want to save time you can start packing and have someone help you.
  3. When movers are late. Yes, it happens and you know about this. You have an agreement about a date and time with the moving experts and they seem to be running late. Sometimes unexpected circumstances appear and even if you are informed about the delay it is still unpleasant.
    Solution: Depending on what the movers will do – packing or loading only or both, you can try to find helpers quickly if you want to save time. Call neighbors and friends to come and help you with the packing. In this way you will compensate partially the delay. You can also stack all boxes by the front door to save time with loading when movers arrive after all.
    Tip: Try to find a reputable company. Usually movers that are reliable rarely come with a delay.
  4. When movers don’t tell you everything and the final bill is higher than you have expected it seems like there is nothing you can do about it. Unfortunately, this may be true. If you read the contract you will understand that. Movers have the right to charge you additionally for a service you did not request if they need it in order to complete the relocation. This means for example that if you haven’t informed the company that you live on a street not accessible for a truck they will park as near as they can and take a smaller vehicle to reach your home. And you will pay extra for this service.
    Solution: Ask the movers what they charge you extra for. If it is unreasonable as a price don’t use them even if this is moving day. You don’t know how much the costs can go up once they already have your belongings so if you continue with them it may be risky.
    Tip: In this case in order to prevent unexpected costs plan a budget for moving higher than the one you suppose you will need and acquaint yourself with the hidden moving costs and fees.
  5. The high costs. And some movers charge a lot.
    Once you get multiple quotes from movers compare the prices and ask what the price includes. Some companies will give you an estimate that includes only two men and a truck while others will also put packing, loading and even unpacking.
    Tip: In order to know what your estimate covers in terms of services always ask this question to the moving company. And you should know you don’t have to always go for the most pricey company. A lot of movers make discounts. You can find a cheap and qualified mover and get a lower price, too.

    If you see that the final price of your move is going to be higher than the initially stated ask the movers why. If you find that you are going to be charged extra more than you should, change the moving company - you don't know how much more the price can go up until you finally get to have your belongings back.
  6. When movers charge for time. A lot of movers that are paid for the time they work will take their time in order to be paid more.
    Solution :
    If you see that movers are rather taking their time help them. This is why it is always good to have an extra helping hand available on moving day.
    Tip : Find movers that will charge you a flat cost: i.e. you pay for the job to be done irrelevant of the time it will take. Then the moving labor will be quicker.
  7. When things are missing or damaged.
    Solution :
    Try to discuss the situation with the company and reach on an understanding with them. If you can’t – file a claim against them. You can find a letter sample of such a complaint on this link.
    Tip : Working with a trustworthy mover should make things well for you. The valuation you get from the moving company is valid only if they do the packing for you. If you still want to do your own packing you can ask for extra insurance to actually cover possible losses or damages.

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