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Business Moving Services

Environmental responsibility is a growing priority for companies of all sizes across South Africa. Smart companies realize the positive impact being green can have with their customers, employees, and their bottom line. Rentabox can help your company reduce its carbon footprint by moving green.

Rentabox will deliver reusable green plastic moving boxes to your office and pick them up when you are done. Rentabox Eco-boxes neatly stack on top of one another when full and easily nest within one another when empty to save space. Used in combination with our moving packages, the Eco-boxes can be moved quickly and efficiently.

This is how using Rentabox's eco-friendly moving boxes and supplies can reduce your overall move costs:

  • Reduction in manpower hour required for move
  • Reduction in number of moving trucks
  • Reduction in employee downtime, resulting in increased productivity
  • Increased property protection as compared to cardboard boxes which can easily be damaged or torn
  • Reduction in workers compensation claims through increased safety when using our custom dollies to move
  • Reduces your carbon footprint while enhancing your corporate image

Rentabox offers an excellent solution for companies who want to practice corporate responsibility by using sustainable moving boxes made from sturdy plastic instead of traditional cardboard boxes. Our boxes can be used well over 400 times before they are recycled.

Are you moving soon or in the near future? Moving the traditional way puts an unbelievable amount of trash and other waste into our landfills which are harmful to the planet. Why waste time and money on cardboard boxes and tape that you’re just going throw away when you move into your new place?

Instead, consider getting green plastic moving boxes from us at Rentabox. We’ll deliver them to you and pick them up from your new address so you don’t have to worry about it. With Rentabox, moving can be a streamlined, pleasant experience all the way around!