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Cardboard Boxes for Your Office Move

Moving an office can definitely be more troublesome, time-consuming and stressful compared to just organizing your workplace. But if you know how to do it properly, you would not be facing any problems because truth is you can have control over these aspects to make your removal go smoothly as possible.

Here are some quick ways that you can do in order to move your office in the professional and easy way:

  • All the files, documents and other items inside bookcases, shelves, desk organizers, wall cabinets, and other office storage boxes should all be securely packed inside office cardboard boxes. Filing cabinets however should be left untouched provided that they are locked or tightly fastened with a heavy packing tape.
  • Separate all personal items and files. Since hired movers are not liable for personal possessions such as legal papers, money, pens, pictures, plants, etc. For more security, moving these items privately on or before the removal date using cardboard storage boxes would be crucial.
  • Desk contents like work sheets, books, pen holders, and computers should be packed together.
  • Remember to protect any glass items using paper or other stuffing like bubble tape.
  • All security files should be secured by locking them on boxes or containers days prior to the removal.
  • Furniture and any stuffs that are to be disposed should be labeled "Do Not Move" or "TO be Disposed", this would avoid confusion and ensure that you don't find these things on your new location. You can even just get rid of them beforehand that would make it even easier for you.

It is also important to take note that the more unnecessary things you dispose the lighter you would have to pack.

To get an expert's advice on how to pack more quickly or have a less stressful removal experience visit the Rentabox site.

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