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Developing a Business Relocation Plan

Relocating a business is a difficult task that includes many steps to take before its finalization. Before you actually begin to think about developing a business relocation plan you need to be clear on the reasons of your moving. Perhaps your business is expanding and you need more offices, you want to be closer to your customers or suppliers, you are merging your company with another one or other – whatever the reason, it is the one that will define the frames of your upcoming move and the exact process of it. Getting your relocation business plan done will take time but if you know how to make the right steps it will be successful.

Before you start preparing your business plan for relocation consider the benefits of it well and make sure that your decision will be cost-effective and will respond to the targets of your company (entering new markets, increasing product sales, etc). This means that you have several questions to answer:

How will the relocation influence the working process and what can you do in order to minimize the potential the losses?
Will you need to change the working regime like number of business transactions completed or less deliveries to make? If so, you need to know so you can tell your customers what they can expect from you in the next months. In case the moving has a negative effect on the company and its customer relations plan to compensate them – think of a bonus scheme or exclusive discounts to keep your customers until the relocation is over and you are back to business as usual. The personnel should also be aware of what changes to expect and how they can address possible difficulties in their work.

Business plan for relocation
Prepare yourself with the main challenges to answer to when relocating your business: how to address possible delays and how to minimize eventual losses.
If you decide to relocate your business what will the advantages be in the short term and in the long run compared to the disadvantages you may experience?
Are there any risks involved and if so, how can you manage them and what solutions can you propose?
How will you manage any delays in the relocation process if they appear? You can plan a little bit more time for your moving in case you have an activity in your plan that is overdue. Always have a plan “B” on a stand-by. Sometimes unpredicted circumstances occur and you need to be able to react in any case.

What is the budget that you will need in order to complete the relocation?

Developing a business relocation plan
What is it and how can you cope with it? You will certainly need for your business plan relocation services. This means that you will have to find trustworthy movers. On the one hand, when moving furniture for example you can contact household movers; on the other hand when you have your business to move you can rely on commercial movers that deal with office and industrial relocation. Before getting in touch with movers you need to put down the requirements you have for your move so that when you finally ask for a quote you know what to look for. Consider these questions to ask when preparing your business relocation project plan:

  • Tell the company if you have offices or cubicles to move and describe everything you have for relocation. In this way you can plan what business relocation services you will need to request.
  • Since large offices will definitely need packing ask if it is included in the price mentioned in the quote and is unpacking included as well. If not, how much will these services cost you additionally.
  • If you have computers to move consider the possibility of using crates or plastic boxes for extra security. Ask the company if they offer crating services. In the meantime remember to plan the creation of a backup of all the data on the computers in case damages occur during transportation.

Business relocation services

  • Before hiring a company for implementing the business relocation services you need check it well.
  • Do you have extensive company library collection and if so do the movers have any experience in moving it? If so, it should also be included in the business relocation services you will request from moving companies.

Are you going to move a warehouse or machines?

  • If you have large and heavy technology and equipment are the movers aware of how to dismantle and assemble it later on? If they don’t know how to do it particularly for the technology you have you may need to contact the company you bought it from. But make sure you ask these questions in advance so you can prepare your business plan for relocation before the moving begins.
  • And finally you have the very important step of checking the movers to see if they qualify for offering business relocation services to you – this means to see what associations they belong to.

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