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Eco-friendly Packing Material for your Move

Environmentally friendly packing materials are becoming essential for moving. Recycled papers to wrap items are a good idea to use as an eco-friendly strategy. Biodegradable products are used to support bio diversity. Recycled products should be a priority as they can be easily disposed at a recycling point in your local town. Bubble wrap and plastic covers, as well as containers can be used again or recycled with your household recyclable products.


During the process of moving you may discover that you have accumulated many items that can be recycled. Books are a popular product that can be recycled or given away, as well as magazines that you might have collected over the years too. It is possible to purchase recycled boxes from a packaging company. Reusable packaging is the way forward for the consumer.

Environmental awareness amongst the population is growing and so demand for eco-friendly products is increasing. These products are also cost effective, as people can buy them in bulk from retailers who specialise in eco packaging at a discounted price usually. Highly re- useable in design the packaging materials are worth keeping. Most orders can be made online by creating an account which also allows one to track the progress of the order, a helpful tool. Within 24 hours the products on order can be delivered to you.

Using cardboard boxes are unavoidable when moving house and within the home for storage. Recycled products are part of an innovative design strategy. To use and reuse and then recycle is a positive trend. Try and hold onto boxes that come your way that can be used to pack items. This could be from items purchased previously. Do not dispose of them immediately. Reuse is very effective. The needs of the consumer in society are a high priority. Companies using packaging regularly to dispatch products have to invest in ethical products hence reducing the percentage of carbon emissions into the environment. Most companies are trying to reach their targets by the year 2020 by gradually performing in an environmentally aware way. A high percentage of packaging ends up in household waste. The waste, if it is not recycled, ends up on landfill sites which can become harmful for the overall environment.

A large percentage of rubbish has the potential to be recycled. Paper and cardboard are in high demand. Products made from eco-friendly products are easily identifiable by the label that is visable on the packaging, the Mobius loop being a common symbol seen on most packaging. If you are looking for used boxes then storage companies specifically may be able to provide you with this item for a reasonable cost. The boxes used when moving have to be approved by the removal company for insurance purposes; if you are packing your items yourself it is best to consult with them about the packaging used.

If your move is coordinated by a residential home moving manager the process is managed professionally and comprehensively. If you have old furniture that needs to be taken away this can also be arranged by the residential moving company quite easily. It is possible to get a quote for the job quite easily, which will be a set price prior to the move. All materials of which are needed to transport your items will be included in the package offered to you. Professional moving companies can save you time as well as providing an economical solution for your current situation. Moving into completely new territory can be stressful. It is best to ask for help by employing professionals who can do the job professionally.  

Are you moving soon or in the near future? Moving the traditional way puts an unbelievable amount of trash and other waste into our landfills which are harmful to the planet. Consider getting green plastic moving boxes from us at Rentabox. We’ll deliver them to you and pick them up from your new address so you don’t have to worry about it. With Rentabox, moving can be a streamlined, pleasant experience all the way around!



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