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How to Drive Moving and Storage Trucks Carefully

Whether you’re moving from one province to another or from one house to another, you are surely going to need the services of a truck rental to move your belongings. No matter what moving and storage or truck rental services you decide to go for, all moving trucks are essentially the same. Even though moving trucks do not require special licenses, they definitely operate in a slightly different manner as compared to regular passenger vehicles.

Your truck rental service will most likely give you a few tips on how to drive your rented truck carefully, but there are a few things you’ll need to know to have better control over the vehicle. Moving trucks are usually very massive and require a great deal of attention and care during the move. There are some important things you should know on how to drive moving and storage trucks carefully.

- Make sure you thoroughly examine the truck before you drive it. Ensure that the seats and mirrors are well adjusted. Make sure you are familiarized with all the various functions like the indicators, parking breaks, wipers etc. You wouldn’t want to panic during the moving road trip if you have to scramble to figure out how these things work.

- Be very careful while reversing. In a regular vehicle, you might be able to park your car parallel to other vehicles or within parking spaces, with just two inches of space on either sides of the vehicle. A moving truck isn’t that simple. Whenever you are reversing, keep in mind that you have an extra foot bumper extending behind. Keep looking into the side mirrors while backing up. It is advisable that you ask a passenger to stand out and direct you safely.

- Make sure you take wider turns. Be very careful when it comes to sharp bends in the road. Make sure you leave plenty of room while making turns, or else you might run into sidewalks – or worse, probably a car.

Watch out for the head of the truck. Clearance signs are often taken for granted. Make sure you avoid doing that. Whenever you are closing in on tunnels, bridge bottoms or are getting ready to park the truck in a garage, make sure the top of the truck will be able to pass through without hitting. Moving trucks can be too tall for low clearance passages sometimes. Make sure you know exactly how tall your truck is before attempting to pass it through any low clearances passages. Always keep an eye out for clearance restrictions on the road as well.

- Keep at a safe distance from other vehicles on the road. Be sure never to tailgate your truck to other vehicles. Keep ample space to give yourself room enough to stop or slow down at the right time.

- Always drive slowly. Whether it’s a moving and storage truck or a personal one, make sure your speed is right. Speeding with moving trucks is not only illegal but also extremely dangerous.

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