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Loading A Removals Van Safely And Sensibly

If you are doing a removal yourself, then you will likely lack an integral part of the removals process; that of the experience that a removals company naturally possesses. The regularity with which a removals company will move houses means that they will have an innate understanding of the process, and will be set up to easily get the job done smoothly and safely, with everything from lifting heavy items to loading the van properly covered easily and efficiently many, many times before. If you feel like this may be an important part of the removals process then you would be right, as a bunch of men who have never worked together, nor done a removal before really are not cut out for the same kind of work.

If you are doing the job with a couple of helpers, then ensure that you have a lot of time, a these things will take a lot longer than you may have presumed. One of the main issues surrounding the removal if you do not have those who are used to such situations around you, is loading the van safely. This is a surprisingly problematic area, as there are many difficulties; form getting items up and into the van safely, to packing the van so that things do not move around or fall over and cause damage.

When you are moving items of furniture on to the van, be sure to do so in a calm and considered way by getting some help from professional man and van service. Do not be tempted in to just going at it all gung ho and trying to shift it up there as quickly as possible, as this can easily cause damage to both the lifters and the item itself. A dropped item will be very likely to break, and it can cause all sorts of knee jerk reactions from those carrying it, which can be seriously dangerous and cause life-long injury. If your van has a tail lifter, then you will be fine. One way of using the tail lift is to simply put the item on, lift it up and then move it in to place in the van. However, this can be quite a slow way of doing things, and if you have enough men at your disposal, then it might be quicker to have the lift set at the half way position, and to have one man standing on the lift, so that the item is easily moved straight up into the van, and received by another who is standing in the van itself.

When you are setting everything in place, you need to be sure that things re not likely to move at all. This means trapping taller items in by either laying them flat on the ground so that their center of gravity is more steady, or using other heavier items to lock them against the walls of the van, unable to move. Laying the taller items down is the safest option, but sometimes it is not efficient to go low with the load overall, as there is not enough space. You have to be aware of how much is yet to come when you are taking up floor space, as you won’t be able to have heavy items stacked on top of other things. Use blankets and card between items to ensure that they do not rub and scratch each other in ways that ruin the finishes, but be sure that the blankets don’t make things slide about either!

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