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Looking After Your Children During a Move

A home removal entails many difficult and demanding tasks to be completed. You can spend weeks planning everything and booking everything and packing your goods can be exhausting and time consuming, as every item you own has to be individually wrapped up in protective material and then placed into a suitable box. Carrying these boxes and your furniture in and out of your addresses will be difficult and even dangerous if not done correctly.

All of this can make a move seem much tougher than usual but if you have young children then the move becomes even more complex. A child will often not understand what is going on and may get in the way, and so you must be prepared to make everything go well for your children so that they are happy and that the move can go well.

Several weeks before you start the move you should talk to your children about what is happening. Let them know that you are transitioning to a new home and what that entails. This can be rough on a young child because they may have never lived anywhere else in their life, so try to break things down simply and gently. Answer any questions they have completely and truthfully. Avoid lying about anything because this could become problematic later and make matters worse.

A child can quickly get used to the idea of a move if you get them involved with the process. Rather than keeping everything a secret and then dumping the process on them all at once, instead take them to your new home so they can get a feel for it. Take them to their prospective bedroom and ask their opinions on things. Let them pick their own wallpaper for their room, decide where furniture goes and more. Doing all this will banish any worry and can make them excited for the process.

Some young children may handle the whole moving processworse than others may. They can quickly become stressed or anxiety ridden, which can result in changed behaviour such as anger or being withdrawn, they may refuse to eat, struggle sleeping and even begin bedwetting. If such things occur, you must know what to do and comforting your child is the main solution. Let them know that everything will be okay and quickly get them used to the idea. Try to make it seem like a fun and exciting process so they do not fear or dread the move. You could even promise to treat your child with a gift once the move is over to give them something to look forward to.

During the actual move, your child may become stressed and worried about what is going on. They may be intimidated by any movers who they will see strangers, they may panic when they see their goods being taken away, etc. One solution to this is to leave your child with family or friends during the actual removal so your kid can relax and won’t be in the way. To ease them into their new home, have their room decorated and the up before they arrive so they can instantly feel at home.

Be patient with them if it takes time for your children to adjust to their new surroundings, especially if they have to attend a new school. In the case of the latter, let their new teacher know about their worries so he or she can also help.

Moving with you children can be a tough time but if you are patient and accommodating, and follow these tips, everything will go smoothly.

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