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Moving Away – Where do I Start?

So you want to move away? Great! Do not panic - simply follow this plan, step by step and your relocation will be easy! Remember to breathe deeply and read the instructions below very carefully. Trust me; you will be thankful you did! It is going to help you avoid making mistakes and problems that are usually involved when it comes to moving away. Let’s get started!

Making the decision over whether or not to deal with it on your own or to leave it for the moving company has a significant impact on other costs later down the line and also on the time that it might take. It is obvious that the more you do and prepare by yourself the quicker it will take and the less the costs will be. The question is: what can you do by yourself and what has to be done by the professionals?

What can I do myself?

  • pack your personal things into the Eco-boxes
  • pack any valuable stuff (it is also recommended to convey them on your own)
  • Make a list of all the things that you possess. It might be a huge one but it will help you to get rid of things you don’t actually need. You can also give stuff you no longer use to the nearest charity.
  • furniture disassembly – if necessary;
  • appropriate furniture and any security equipment (Coin, ADT) for the transport (they will use proper materials that every moving company should be equipped with)
  • Loading and unloading of your property.

What should be done by the professional moving company

The next thing you should be aware of is TIME. First of all you have to decide WHEN you want to start the event. You can choose a working day or weekend – it is totally up to you. If it is about the weekend – it might be better to choose Saturday, as a Sunday’s removal may cost a lot more (the price could go up to 100%). I doubt it would be worth it. Saturday, however, must be booked in advance because it is a day that most people choose. Two or three weeks in advance should be absolutely fine. Deciding to opt for a working day, you will probably have to take a couple of hours off from work or if the removal is a big project - even one day off.

What about packing? How should you actually pack up your stuff? The essential things is to pack everything in such a way so there was no damage to anything and so that everything would be ‘safe and sound’ at its new destination place. If you keep the original boxes or packages of some of the equipment it is advisable to re-use them. It is good to know that while packing you should use your brain. What do I mean exactly? Pack smartly! Do not put everything into one box because someone will have to lift it later!

  • Dishes and items made of glass
    • Remember to pack them in a paper, wrapping it precisely and putting it tightly one next to another.
  • Books
    • Books should be packed into mid-high boxes. If you only have big ones at your disposal do not over brim them – leave some space for lighter things such as clothes. The box should not be too heavy.
  • Sculptures and other rambling objects
    • Pack them to suitable boxes and fill the box in with proper stuffing, for example Styrofoam.
    • If you want the removal to be quicker, you can also ask your friends or family to come over to help you to get through this. You can ask neighbours too.

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