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Moving Equipment to the Study

You may not be in a position to have a separate room as a study or office in your home but you will still probably have essential appliances that you have occasion to work on and which would not be out of place in a domestic office.  Special care will need to be taken when these are packed because not only will you be in a position where they will cost you a lot to replace but they may hold information which is irreplaceable.  Damaging the external body of a machine with enough severity can lead to irreparable damage to your system, even in this current age of technical wizardry.

For this reason, there are a few things you need to do before, during and after the move so that you are completely on top of your move.

Backup: Firstly, the data which is contained in your system is soft data which gives the impression that it is somewhat cushioned and it will survive the move without being harmed or damaged.  In fact, soft just means that it’s intangible.  Hard data is something that you can hold and handle.  Soft data is only visible through the medium of the computer.  Therefore, if the computer that it is being stored on gets damaged then all the data could be lost as well. 

Therefore, it’s incredibly important that all of your domestic data (music, photos, documents etc.) are fully and appropriately backed up and probable in a variety of ways as well.  You can use USB sticks which it might be nice to pack appropriately in the same container as the actual computer.  They are small and less likely to get damaged.  You could also transfer all of your data onto CDs and pack them with your CDs.  You can even get external hard drives which will keep all of your data in one place and as long as you know where that place is you will be absolutely fine.

Properly Package: Packaging your electrical appliances for the move is completely essential.  You can’t just put them all together in a box and assume that they’ll be fine.  One thing that might prove very helpful is to collate all of your cables into one box or bag – the ones that detach anyway.  This way they cannot get lost in the move.  The obvious points, including bubble wrapping, polystyrene, tissue paper and plastic bags can hopefully be left to you and your own instincts.  Just make sure that when you pick up the box containing your electrical equipment and give it a little wobble, you can’t hear anything shaking around.

Document: The electrical appliances in your home may well be amongst your most expensive possessions.  They will most probably be insured personally and perhaps by the removals company as well.  Therefore, if anything were to happen to them then you need to have a lot of proof to testify to their original state and the state they were in when they came out of the boxes.  Therefore, take a lot of photographs and perhaps draw up a document signed by the removals company stating the condition of all of your items.  If you want to be really safe then photograph them from all angles outside if the boxes.  Photograph them in the boxes – to show that they were packed responsibly – and photograph them when they come out of the lorry.

These are just a few tips to help you move your electricals safely and responsibly.  Make sure you don’t leave anything to luck or chance.

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