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Moving a Household

Moving a household – what is it and what does it take to do it well and with quality? If you have any kind of experience with moving you will know the stress and difficulty of it. However, there are certain ways which if you follow will make your relocation process easier. One of these ways is knowing the potential costs you are going to experience and another one is be prepared with the plenty of little details to take care of when moving. The tips here should make things simpler for you.

Moving Household Goods Estimator
What is the cost of moving a household? There are several factors that define the expenses when moving household goods besides the weight of the transported items, their number and size. These are the distance of the shipment, packing/ unpacking, the number of moving labor you hire for your move which are amongst the main ones, and other factors that belong to the hidden costs and fees you may encounter during your relocation.  

Potential costs will vary – The custom calculations for you though begin by getting a quote. The cost of moving household goods will be clear for you if you try to get as many different quotes as you can. Some movers will contact you over phone to discuss with you what you have for moving. There are companies that provide an inventory list to fill in by e-mail and if your relocation is small this may be convenient to take as an option. In all other cases it is recommended to ask for a visual estimate. This is the best way in which your cost of moving a household will be completely clear as you may miss some things over the phone.

Here are a few helpful tips on moving household goods:

  • Begin decluttering as soon as you know you will be moving. Everything that is broken, useless or worn out can be thrown away or recycled. What is still new but you don’t want to take can be donated to charity organizations. The less you have for moving, the less you will pay for your relocation.
  • As soon as you know you are relocating begin decluttering: the less you have for moving, the less your move will cost you.
  • Once you get moving quotes don’t be mislead by the smallest price. Sometimes moving companies that give a lower moving estimate have more extra charges that they make while on the other hand companies that give you a higher cost usually include in it more services – sometimes even packing and unpacking.
  • Far as the packing materials are concerned a lot of people use newspaper. It may be cheaper but it may also leave prints all over your items. If you want to avoid that you can visit the local newspaper and see if they have some blank (unused) newsprint that they won’t use because it is damaged, for example. Or you can just buy packing paper from movers.
  • Consider how to supply yourself with boxes. There are ways in which you can get boxes for free or cheap like taking some from grocery stores. On the other hand, used boxes may not be that strong and may also be a little bit dusty or dirty. Even if you get new boxes it is advisable to tape them around – in this way they will be stronger. After you fill in the boxes tape them again to close them and seal them.
  • You can use newspaper for packing but it may leave prints on your belongings. Instead, you can ask to have clear newsprint from the local newspaper or get packing paper from movers.
  • If you decide to pack yourself the obligatory insurance that movers are obliged to provide to you is no longer valid. Another reason for getting a moving company to do the packing for you is to save time. As you can see above, having someone else to do the packing for you is a small price you’ll have to pay compared to the whole relocation and it gives you the convenience of spending your time in more important to you ways.
  • Once your packing is complete you can make a list with your boxes and their content so that when the movers unload you can quickly check if all boxes are there besides examining their condition. Relocating household goods will be more organized in this way. Fill up the boxes completely. If there is no or little space left inside them it is less likely that there will be things rattling and thus broken inside. Also you will need less boxes to use in this way and pay less for packing.
  • Prepare your money. In the beginning you will need to pay a deposit of the company and it shouldn’t exceed 10% of the final amount of your relocation. The rest of the amount is due before the movers unload your belongings.

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