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Moving in the Event of Breakups

In a perfect world, both parties involved would realize that their breakup or divorce represents a positive new chapter starting in their book of life. They would be able to part as friends, and one or both would move out with no complications. Unfortunately, this is the real world where emotions tend to dominate these situations and things can be pretty tense. As if moving isn’t stressful enough, when you add the burden of a breakup or divorce on top, it is easy to feel unbelievable overwhelmed, anxious or depressed; sometimes a combination of all three.

Well, while the two of you may not be meeting for brunch as friends anytime in the near future, there is no reason why moving has to be more stressful than it already is.

One Person Moving Out
Are you the one moving out? If so, there is probably a good chance that the breakup was also your decision. Of course, maybe your significant other made the decision, but it is their place so you need to leave. Whatever the case is, you should make a point to move out quickly.

Sure, you probably want to find the perfect place, but you are just adding fuel to the fire, and waiting for an explosion, if you overstay your welcome. Rather than living where there is tension and making things uncomfortable for the two of you, consider putting your belongings in storage and either crashing at a friend’s house or getting a hotel room. Many budget-friendly hotels will take week or month-long reservations, and have small kitchenettes in them, with laundry facilities on the premises.

When you do move, you need to practice proper exit etiquette. Ideally, your now-ex won’t be there. This will reduce the risk of unnecessary stress and tension. Whether you are having friends help or are hiring movers, be respectful of their belongings. You wouldn’t want  them destroying your property, so make every effort to make a peaceful and clean exit.

Both Moving
If you are both moving out, the game changes a little. There are a lot of responsibilities that should be shared, and like it or not, you are going to need to communicate. You might want to hire a mediator, if you are selling your property. Otherwise, you could even use a neutral friend to help you create lists of who will be handling specific responsibilities.

You should agree upon a move out date. This does not mean that you have to move on the same day; ideally it will be separate days or things can get a little chaotic. You will want to make a list of everything that needs to be done, so there is no confusion. This could include turning off utilities, hiring a cleaning service or gathering school records for the kids.

Decide who will be getting pieces of furniture, appliances, collectables, old photos and everything else. Ideally, you will designate separate areas to pile your packed boxes. For example, one person can use the spare room while the other uses the garage. This will help reduce clutter, which can also escalate stress.

Breakups, divorces and moving are all hard enough on their own, but when you combine two, there is the potential for disaster. Planning ahead, being organized and communicating will help avoid complications and increased tension.

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