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Moving with Children - Avoiding the Nightmare

When you are preparing to move house with kids, it is always going to be that little bit more difficult, as you simply have to worry about them before yourself and the move. Being a parent is about balancing your life to ensure that your child grows up to have the best life that they could hope for. So, how do you ensure that your move goes ahead in an efficient and manageable way, without letting your kids fall by the way side?

Well, it’s all about planning. If you can be clever and well sorted before the move comes, then there should be no need to compromise your relationship with your children, as things will have been well established previously. So, start by starting early! If you can, give yourself a good couple of months to get a larger domestic removal organized. In this case, you will probably come to the end of your planning stages and realize that you actually have more than enough to time to get everything done, and that you can actually do it all in an extremely relaxed manner! The hope is that you only need to do an hour or so every day in order to get the move underway in a way that suits you and your kids, which will obviously mean that you are not distracted from your normal life in any major way.

Essentially, your planning will be the part where you get the kids sorted. You need to go through the whole move in your head, and work out the times where the move may get in the way of your time with them. If these times crop up regularly, then you need to think about how you are going to go ahead with the move. If there are only one or two, then perhaps you should give a little thought to hiring a baby sitter or relative that may be able to look after the children whilst you are busy planning the move. If you book things like baby sitters in or ask relatives about looking after the kids well in advance, then you will not find yourself in a state of panic when you can’t find anyone to look after them on the day!

Mention to your removals company that you have children, and ask what they think about them being around on the day of the removal. You will find that the removals service will have a lot of experience with all sorts of removals, so they will be able to give you advice on whether such things are safe or unsafe. You may discover that you have a house moves team who love children, which will make things easier, but some home removals companies will suggest that having the kids around on the day will be dangerous, which is fair enough - think about the combination of heavy furniture being moved, and little kids running around underfoot!

When you are moving, the main thing that people forget is that you will have a day straight with little access to your normal possessions. This means that you need to pack cleverly in order to prevent it becoming a problem. With a view to your children, you need to keep them comfortable, fed, watered, and entertained, which is quite an undertaking! Be sure to have their favorite toys and games to stop any moments of upset, as well as juice and biscuits for when they get hungry, and you should be well on your way!

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