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Office Relocation Planning Guide

A lot of companies move to smaller offices in order to optimize their expenses. One of the first details to discuss when moving an office is the cost. Naturally, office relocation costs are very likely to be much higher than home moving costs. In order to avoid spending more than necessary make a good project plan and stick to it. One of the things that can be really beneficial for you is if you make a moving timeline to guide you through the relocation week by week.

Although it may sound tempting to try, think twice before considering to make the move yourself. The work of movers is sometimes quite underestimated from which companies that wish to move their offices suffer harsh problems when moving – missing to follow deadlines, inefficient organization, lack of complete logistic planning, fines, financial and material losses and many more. If you want to save money when relocating your business office the best way to do that is think about using the help of movers. They have routine and experience in office moving so they can do the same job like you but in less time, more efficiently and most probably – even less costly.

Usually companies move their offices to save space and thus – money from rent, but if your case is different like you are opening another department at your company you need to take those details in mind, too. If your office relocation is taking place to another location with the same size floor area or smaller you may want to ship only one part of the equipment to the new place. This means that equipment you don’t want to use can be either sold for second hand uses or kept in storage.

If this is your case, ask the movers where there is a convenient storage on a location near you and the details of renting one – what period will you need it, how much will it cost you and what will the cost be for carrying there the things you tell them. Of course, then you will need to also plan a budget when taking your equipment from storage and bringing it to the office again what will your expenses be. Questions on pricing can be numerous when planning office relocation in order to avoid making guesses get a quote. In the meantime movers will most probably come to your office, especially if it is bigger, with cubicles or you are moving several offices. They will review what is to be moved and calculate your costs. Their work is based on precise details and you can request to know what each of their services cost.

Office Relocation – Planning an Office Move

Another thing movers can do for you: plan how long will the period of your office relocation last. This is important because if you have for example two months between moving out of your current office and moving in to your next one you should think about the date on your new renting contract. Then define the renting contract termination date. And at the same time arrange the day of moving in – make sure there you have planned well the time for move in and move out – otherwise you may end up paying a rent for a place you are no longer using. And for offices, especially larger ones, the amount can be considerable. Try to begin your office relocation at least 6 – 9 months before your lease contract expires. And again, the bigger the move, the sooner you should get on with it as then more people will be involved and the preparation will last for a longer time.

Office Relocation – Planning an Office Move to Get Best Value for Your Business

For your office relocation, plan the duties of each person who will participate, distribute them in time and follow their implementation. Especially for larger companies moving has to be well managed in order to avoid stress and meet the deadlines. One of the things to do before moving an office as well is to set the moving documentation straight. This means that you should contact a legal expert and do this job together. When the moving begins review the paperwork well and don’t sign anything you don’t understand. Trust your logic and your intuition, asking any question you feel like. You can read more tips on office relocation here.

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