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Office Removals - Dealing with Furniture

If you are in charge of a large office removal, then you need to think pretty carefully about the aspects of the job that may cause you difficulties in the long run. You will find that there are a few ways in which you can approach the mater that will ensure that you are able to give the move a run for its money, and get those multitudes of desks and the like packed away safely and moved without a hitch.

For the first part, you should always be working with a specialist office removals company. The main reason for this is that they will be used to doing jobs of the size that you are undertaking, and a normal removals company will not be as well acquainted with the process of getting so many things moved with ease. Ensuring that the removals company have a decent look around the place well in advance of the move is essential, and they may want numbers for the amount of furniture and whatever else they need to move. You should be sure to show them all exits, entrances, stairways, lifts and everything else that will influence how they get in and out of the building. These factors are extremely important in terms of working out how best to manage the handling of the furniture, so do not leave anything out.

One thing that can be an issue is that the large units like desks and cupboards can sometimes have been built up in the room from a flat pack, rather than moved in through the door as a whole unit. The dismantling of these pieces of furniture can be long winded and arduous, but you may find that it is necessary in terms of saving space in the van, or even in terms of getting the stuff out of the room in the first place. Flat pack furniture will often build up to being larger than the door that it came through, which can be quite a troubling surprise if you don’t notice until the last minute!

The same goes for getting things down the stairs. Are there any corners in the stairs that are going to cause hassle when you are trying to get down them? Is there a lift that would make everything easier? How does the journey from the bottom of the lift to the available parking for the van look? All of these are the smaller things that are often overlooked when working out how a removal is going to go ahead, when in fact they were the kind of thing that will make a massive mess of the process. You will find that ensuring that you have all of these bases covered will be one of the main things that makes sure that the move goes ahead safely and securely. Once the items are outside, they will of course need to be loaded in to the van itself. You need to talk with the removals company about the size of van you need, and this will reflected in how small you can make your furniture. Whilst not everything can be flat packed, you may find that some bits do come apart, making it all a lot easier.

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