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Packing and unpacking, Call in the experts!

Packing, unpacking, moving, lifting, shifting, dragging, carrying, stacking you name it - the whole process of moving house can be tedious, never mind the packing, but when you consider the kinds of situations those packed boxes are going to face, you begin to understand the importance of using quality packaging.

Those poor boxes are going to face some pretty harsh moments throughout the removal; they will be stacked on top of each other in the removal van and for the ones who are at the bottom of the pile let’s remember that they have to withhold some degree of weight. Then during transportation, they will be rocking, shaking may be even moving around slightly, things could fall over and they could get crushed so if you really want to protect what you have got, then you will get some decent packing even before you decide to move.

Quality packing and packaging to pack a house for removals can be brought anywhere, you can buy direct from a packaging firm or even better buy it direct from the removal company you hire, this is even better in a way as it means you kill two birds with one stone, well not literally, but you know what I mean. It may also mean a better deal too, who knows! 

What’s handy is that you can actually hire packers to do all of your packing for you nowadays; I mean you literally do not have to lift a finger, if you don’t wish to. However that would be a matter of choice as packers are flexible and are happy to work alone and just get on with it or with their clients as many clients do have strong ideas about how they would like things done. It really is up to you how much you prefer to get involved.

The great thing about hiring packers from a removal company is that you know for certain that you are going to get quality packaging, because they only provide the best. Many reliable removals companies will offer free insurance to clients when they opt for their packing service and so they need to ensure that they won’t be pay out every five minutes, or else they would go bust! Quality is a must!

Packing can be tiresome and tedious, it will take time especially for people who are particularly precise about things, it may take days or weeks. Usually it takes a while because people are unsure of how to pack appropriately. I mean, what should be packed with what? How much weight can each box hold? What things are better packed together and which should be kept apart? How to distribute the contents to level the box and how to fill in gaps rather than overload it. Boy that’s a lot to think about and we haven’t even touched on the subject of finding the time to do, but now I’ve come to mention it.

We don’t generally get time do we? Well not that much anyway, most people are busy taking care of their day to day duties, who the hell ever gets time to pack properly?

Again the only answer to this would be to hire in packers because they have the added advantage of being able to pack in rapid speed time, they can literally do a whole room in like 30 minutes and that’s whilst doing a thorough job of it. If time is an issue for you then it’s a no brainer really, you have to hire a packing firm or one direct from the removal company you opt to go for. It’s the only quickest way of getting it done in rapid speed but entirely safely.

Are you moving soon or in the near future? Moving the traditional way puts an unbelievable amount of trash and other waste into our landfills which are harmful to the planet. Consider getting green plastic moving boxes from us at Rentabox. We’ll deliver them to you and pick them up from your new address so you don’t have to worry about it. With Rentabox, moving can be a streamlined, pleasant experience all the way around!



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