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Removals, Why is packing so important?

Moving requires lots and lots of packing and packaging. When you consider the amount of packing involved you realise that it’s not going to be a quick and simple job. Packing a house to move is not just a case of shoving everything into boxes, this spells disaster - and you would be putting your contents at risk.

Packing should be done carefully and considerably in order to prevent problems from arising during transit and if the packing part of the moving house process is not done properly you could live to regret it later.

So how do we pack properly?

First of all, try thinking about what is involved and what those packed boxes are going to have to sustain. Packed boxes will have to carried, loaded and stacked, transported, unloaded and piled up again. That’s a lot of strain, no wonder things go wrong. Make sure good sturdy boxes are used; many people think that cutting back on what they spend on packaging will help to reduce the cost of removals however if the boxes arrive with a whole load of damaged goods in them, how much more would it cost to replace those goods? Think about it!

As well as boxes, fillers are also vital. Fillers fill all loose gaps within the boxes and are extremely important. Many people fill gaps with more goods but this overloads boxes, adds weight to them and they are at risk of bursting open so it’s never a good idea to keep stuffing boxes until full to the brim. Fillers do not have to be expensive and they are ideal for protecting the contents of a box and they could save your contents if that box were to be accidently squashed during transit.

Simple bubble wrap or even newspaper works perfectly, start collecting what you can now and ask others to save newspapers for you, the more the better.

Top Tip/ Second hand boxes, be careful of empty old boxes, if they look good for nothing, they probably are! There is nothing wrong with collecting old crisp boxes but only if they are in a great condition otherwise they will probably burst at the seams when lifted.

Always tape up boxes well, and tape and tape again if need be. Just remember to label what is in the box so that you do not have to undo all of your hard work afterwards. Many people put a little tape on the boxes to keep the lids shut but forget to apply extra tape to underneath which is where most of the weight will be when lifted.

Label all boxes that are of importance, for instance make sure the box clearly states that glass inside or any other breakable so that those particular boxes are not placed underneath the pile when loaded on the van. Labelled boxes will also tell a removal company which boxes should be handled with absolute care and it reduced the risk of damage goods.

Which way up? If a box needs to be a particular way up at all times, put arrows on them and say, “This way up”. Make sure it is clearly seen, try black or blue marker pen and make sure it stands out clearly.

If you do not have time to do all of that but would still like that kind of service, you could always hire packers from a removals company. Packers will come prepared with the packaging and will take on the task of packing up your entire house correctly. They will also do this job incredibly quickly doe to experience and offer a quote beforehand.

Are you moving soon or in the near future? Moving the traditional way puts an unbelievable amount of trash and other waste into our landfills which are harmful to the planet. Consider getting green plastic moving boxes from us at Rentabox. We’ll deliver them to you and pick them up from your new address so you don’t have to worry about it. With Rentabox, moving can be a streamlined, pleasant experience all the way around!



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