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Should you Bother about What Boxes to Use for your Move?

Relocating from one address to another can be a big step in life. You will be closing one chapter and beginning another, filled with many opportunities, new experiences and people and much more. Managing the process can be very difficult though because there is a lot to tackle. You have to plan and schedule the furniture process well in advance just so everything is done properly and smoothly. You have to sort all of your goods, purchase wrapping for them and fold everything.

Carrying boxes and furniture can be a nightmare because you have to coordinate everything carefully so nothing is damaged and no one is injured. Transportation has to be booked so that you can get your goods to your new address without hassle and more.

When you contemplate all this, you see that move is a demanding experience, so you will want to get things done as swiftly as possible. You shouldn’t rush things though because the small details are important. A simple box is one of your main tools during a move and so it must be carefully consider what types you use, how many you need and how best to use them.

There are two types of containers you will likely utilise for your removal: cardboard or plastic boxes. Each has strengths and weaknesses, as well as assorted uses so you must know which is best for what. Cardboard boxes are easy to purchase in bulk, and you can often procure many from local supermarkets for little to no cost if you ask for any spares they have. These containers will be inexpensive and you may have various cardboard boxes spare already. They will be strong enough for your goods as long as you don’t overload them, they can be recycled and they can easily be written on using a marker pen. Using adhesive tape to seal the boxes is recommended.

Plastic containers have many advantages over their cardboard counterparts. They are much stronger and more durable, so you can place more goods inside without worry of them falling apart. They are also resistant to water, so your contents will remain dry. Plastic boxes can often come with extra features that can make life simpler for you such as wheels, handles and detachable lids, which make it easier to transport or access your items. If you but the same type of plastic boxes and/or the same brand, they will be designed to stack together, so you can easily move, stock and transport. The downside of these containers compared to cardboard ones is that they are more expensive and cannot be recycled, though due to their durability, they may still be useable after the removal.

No matter what type of box you use, you must pack them carefully. Placing items inside randomly can put the item at risk, make the box heavy to carry and cause things to fall out. You should place similar objects together as they are more likely to fit inside neatly and so you can keep track of things. Use wrapping and polystyrene pebbles for extra security. Keep sharp objects and liquids such as paint, drinks, etc separate from other goods so they no not damage things. Never place too many goods inside one container because they can make them too heavy to lift, which can cause injuries and accidents. Take all of this into account for your move and decide what boxes are best to keep your belongings safe and easy to carry and transport.


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