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The Real Cost of Corporate Relocation

Relocating an entire company or just some departments to a new location can be a stress factor for the HR department that has to deal with the business processes of relocation but also with a serious hidden cost attached: stressed-out transferees, lost productivity and even transferred employees who leave the company shortly after a relocation.

In today's workplace every penny counts, but it can cost much more (in money spent, employee time and productivity) to hire and train a new employee than it does to retain a quality worker.

Therefore an HR department responsible to chose a relocation package should be very careful in choosing the right corporate relocation service as well as being very careful when reducing employee benefits and costs as part of the relocation process.

Often moving to a new location means not only moving the employee but also his entire family. If there's no spousal and children support, what will that do for the morale of a transferred employee? There's a direct correlation between retention and changes in corporate relocation policies.

Knowing and understanding the employees necessities in case of a relocation takes place and making life easier for them can make a huge difference between having a stressed-out employee that doesn't focus anymore on his work because he has millions of things to take care of due to the relocation, missing deadlines (that cost money) losing productivity and motivation along the way affecting the entire department and demotivating co-workers along the way, and a happy employee that has everything covered by a professional relocation company that offers relocation services tailored to his every need, so he can concentrate on what he does best: his job.

An HR department need therefore to choose the right employee relocation package, one that attends every possible need to a high standard. Employers should alleviate the relocation stress with home sales assistance, school searching for children, spousal assistance (that often includes helping finding the spousal a new job as well), language and cultural training, visa assistance and other associated services that make sense for that particular employee.

At the end of the day the employee should feel good about the decision to move, about his new home, his new life, and valued as an employee. This will reduce the hidden cost associated with the relocation and turn the move into a successful change for both the company and the employee.

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