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The Truth Behind Removals Staff

It may or may not surprise you that working for a removals company is classed as ‘unskilled labour’. If you feel that this is fair, then try moving a piano up some stairs without damaging anything or anyone. If you feel that this is unfair, then you will likely be a little worried as to who will be doing your next removal! The fact of the matter is that moving takes a huge amount of effort and strength, which people could say did not necessarily mean skill. But there is certainly skill in the amount of decision making that needs to be done for a removal to go smoothly. Sure, the larger decisions that inform the fate of the removal will be made by the head of the operation, but the smaller ones are equally significant in terms of ensuring that the move goes ahead in a safe and effective way.

So, how do you ensure that your removals staff are up to the job? One way is to use an older, better established removals company, who have a constant team. In the wake of the property crisis between 2005 and 2009, many removals companies closed up shop, as there was not enough work around to keep paying teams of removers. The new ones that have replaced them in the latest property upsurge will often save costs by using less permanent teams, hiring people from agencies for each job, meaning that the teams change every removal. This of course means that you could have someone who has never worked on a move working on your removal, which is fairly scary. It is essential that you ask your candidates for the job how they employ and train their staff before you go with them, as you want to avoid any incidents that could have been prevented by a couple of questions.

Older and better established firms will often be more expensive, so you do need to imagine the offsetting of costs between preventing accidents, and saving cash up front, and this can be difficult. It is worth getting quotes from both sides of the spectrum, so that you can see exactly how the prices vary. If it is only a small raise to the price for a company who seems much better established, then it is likely worth it. That being said, how are the much cheaper companies saving their money? You need to be sure that the corners that are being cut to save costs to give you a low price are not going to affect the safety and security of your possessions. Some companies will pay their work force an extremely low wage, which means that you are not going to get the conscientious removals team that you require.

Members of the Professional Movers Association or removers will be under strict rules about how they pay their staff, and you can read up on it at their website. The knowledge that the staff are being treated well will likely put you at some rest in knowing that there is a huge amount less chance that you are taking advantage of people during your removal. There is a lot more that comes with members of the associations, that will benefit your move, from codes of practice to insurances against various problems, but they will come with a price tag, as membership to these associations means a lot more work for the companies themselves.

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