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Tips on Finding Movers

Moving can be quite a stressful task, so to ensure that it runs smoothly you may want to hire packers. Where do you find the right company that will give you the best service that will suit your needs?

There are so many companies it can be difficult to know where to start, but here are some tips to help make the find a little easier.

1. Your Needs

The first and most important aspect to know is what you need from your packer. Do you need a full service move or just help with some items? Know what you need, as this will help in narrowing down the search.

2. Online
You can start to look for companies online. You are able to do a search for your area and also you will save time as you won't need to phone each place.

3. Search Results
The unfortunate aspect of the internet is that there are many scams. Once you have found certain companies that you are interested in, it's best to verify the companies by looking for reviews, see if they have a physical address listed and a phone number.

4. Meet and Greet
Before you select the company you will need to meet a member of the company in person before you agree to do business with them. This should be done because firstly, reputable packing and moving companies will not quote a price without first seeing the potential client's home and secondly, meeting someone from the company will allow you to gauge the customer service and the quality of service that you are likely to receive.

5. Ask Others
It is a good idea to ask neighbours or friends about the moving company or if they have used a moving company that they thought was good. The opinion that you will receive is genuine and will have more weight to them as you are getting first hand opinions. These will give you a better insight into how the company works and if they are right for you.

6. Don't Just Take the Cheapest Quote
You might be quoted very cheaply however you need to be careful of these quotes. These companies may have hidden fees that are not mentioned in the quote or could be scam artists who hold your possessions until you have paid them more.

7. Customer service
Amazing customer service should be at the top of your list when you are looking for the right company. Also you should follow your instincts on a company. If you receive a bad vibe from them then look for someone else.

8. Insurance
When choosing a company you need to see if they offer insurance. This is so that if anything is broken during the move, then you are covered and they will need to pay for the damages. If you do need to make a claim before signing the inventory list then you will need to report facts in detail on your original inventory sheet. In case there is damage after unpacking then a claim will need to be made within 9 months after delivery. The sooner that you report the damage the better. The mover will have to acknowledge the receipt of claim in 30 days and either deny or make an offer in 120 days.

9. Freebies
Have a look if the company has any free offers at the moment. These could be free storage or other incentives. These could be something that you need so you could save a little money in the process. Choosing a packer and moving company can be difficult but always do your research before you choose a company.

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