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Unpacking in a new home

After moving into a new home, you will feel drained, even before you face the task of unpacking. Here are some helpful tips regarding unpacking in your new home.

1) Hire a removal company
If you cannot face the prospect of unpacking, most removal companies will take the task off your hands. They will unpack all of your boxes, and in some cases, help to assemble your belongings, such as furniture. Most house removals companies will charge an additional fee for this service. However, most removal companies are specialists in unpacking so if you cannot handle the thought of unpacking in your new home, it may be best to turn this service over to an experienced company.


2) Arrange the packing
Try to organise the packing. All of the boxes should be marked on the side of the box, so that you know what items are in them and which room those items should go in. Once you unpack the boxes, start the unpacking in one room before you venture into another. You will get more of the unpacking done in this way.

3) Go through your list
Before you unpack, you should have made a list of how many boxes you have and what is contained in each box. Count all the boxes and make sure that all the boxes are accounted for before you begin the unpacking process.

4) Always begin with the most significant items.
It is always best to start unpacking the items that are the most significant to you. For some, it will be the television. For others, it will be a bed. If it is an item which needs to be assembled, try to assemble it earlier in the day, rather than later in the day as you will be less tired. If you have carried any medications, it is imperative that you find them first and place them in the bathroom or a room which you will be using regularly.

5) Don't unpack everything.
In some cases, a person will want to open all of their boxes after a removal to make sure that the house movers haven't left anything behind. Don't do that. It will create more mess and make the move into the house even more stressful. There is no rush. Sometimes, it can take weeks to unpack everything from a house move. Try to have a checklist of which boxes to open every day, until all the boxes have been cleared.

6) Let people help.
Unpacking can be a lonely process. It is a great help if you have friends and family who will be able to help you move into your new home. When you get to your new home, try to organise who will be doing what i.e. one person should unpack some boxes in the bathroom while the others unpack boxes in the living room. It will lead to a more jovial atmosphere.

7) Eliminate mess.
Sometimes, it's hard not to have a messy environment when you're unpacking

your boxes after a house removal. However, it's a good idea to get rid of any items that you no longer want. Also, if some of the boxes have been damaged in transit or are no longer in good condition after the box has been unpacked, throw them out.

8) Call it a day.
Although you will want to unpack everything as soon as possible, you should know when to stop. Moving house is tiring, so make sure that the telephone line and the electricity is working, order some food, before going to bed.

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