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There are many things to think about before you move to your new home or apartment. You may be deciding on what kind of insurance you want, what movers to hire, whether or not you’re going to install safeguard systems like CCTV, etc. There are other factors that you may forget about in your scramble to get a good deal with an acceptable lease. Here are five f...

There are lots of benefits in using used cardboard boxes. Today due to recession people are adopting many methods to cut the cost of living. This has made them move to a cheaper city as they can no longer afford high end neighborhoods. These people would also want their moving to be less expensive. Today wide ranges of moving boxes are available in the market. Peop...

Rentabox knows moving can be a very stressful time. It can become even more stressful if you injure yourself in the process. Therefore, we have created a list of precautions everyone should take to ensure that you do not injure yourself while in the process of moving.

Think of moving, especially lifting boxes, like any other exercise– you must stret...

For moving boxes and bags are generally used. There are difference categories of boxes available in the market - plastic boxes or the under bed storage containers or the cardboard boxes. You can use suitcases or canvas bags or plastic bags. You will then have to calculate how many you will need to enable you to pack all your things. Along with boxes you will need p...

Moving is a lot of work – no question about that. Organizing it and putting the activities to perform in the right order though can diminish stress and save you time (and sometimes even money). When you have an apartment to move there are a lot of things to take care of. This guide contains a checklist that will guide you during your moving and you can vary i...

Hiring professional movers may seem daunting, but doing your homework to make this important decision means you’ll save time, money, and headaches later. Our step-by-step guide will outline seven steps for finding and working with a trustworthy moving company.

Organisation is vital to enable a smooth running move and this is the key time to start piecing together the details of your move. This is the best time to decide which items you wish to transport to your new home. If you decide to dispose of any items you don’t need, you can either donate them to a charity or hold a garage sale.

Contact a loca...

After moving into a new home, you will feel drained, even before you face the task of unpacking. Here are some helpful tips regarding unpacking in your new home.

1) Hire a removal company
If you cannot face the prospect of unpacking, most removal companies will take the task off your hands. They will unpack all of your boxes, and i...

Whether you’re moving from one province to another or from one house to another, you are surely going to need the services of a truck rental to move your belongings. No matter what moving and storage or truck rental services you decide to go for, all moving trucks are essentially the same. Even th...

In order to make ready for a move, many items will need to be put into cartons or otherwise packaged to be moved safely and without damages. If you choose you may elect to have your moving company take care of the packing; most moving companies will provide that fee based service. However, many people are unwilling or unable to bear the cost of that service, and el...


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