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Commercial Moves

If you need commercial movers for your office relocation or corporate relocation, choose Rentabox. We can help with solutions that can reduce your costs, improve efficiency and become more sustainable – all at the same time.

It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small, Rentabox can help you. We also help provincial government agencies.

Our Ecoboxes serve businesses on a weekly basis in Gauteng and Cape Town as Rentabox has both the knowledge and experience to develop customized solutions fit for your business.


Partner with Rentabox:

  • We increase your productivity by saving you time not needing to put together cardboard moving boxes. Our ecoboxes come with no assembly necessary, and come ready to pack! Increased productivity also results in effective organisation.
  • Our ecoboxes can hold up to 70kgs per box and offer much better protection for your valuables.
  • As our boxes are reusable, it will reduce the amount of waste in our landfills. Thus, improve your business’ image by reducing your carbon footprint!
  • Fewer truckloads and less manpower is needed which can lead up to 40% savings! Who would have thought that moving could actually be fun as Rentabox will help you to get your new home or office organised faster? Your employees would also get back to work so much faster.
  • Your valuables are better protected. Our ecoboxes and security tags are durable, as opposed to cardboard.
  • Injuries due to heavy lifting is eliminated which can reduce the risk of workers’ compensation issues.

Do good for your company, the environment and your community by using Rentabox for your next corporate move! Contact us to get a quote today!



Many Rentabox clients are private moving companies and they see the value in encouraging their customers to use Ecoboxes as well, which are environmentally-friendly. That helps to streamline the process and reduce damage claims. Using Rentabox’s system saves you time which gets you to your next job faster. With Rentabox, time is money.


How to add value to your customers and grow your business:

  • Tapping into Rentabox’s comprehensive network of clients across all industries, because we serve as a repository of useful information that can turn into new business leads, potential leads and more.
  • Offering your customers more security during their move. All Ecoboxes are lockable, which ensures their property and any sensitive material is secure. Our ecoboxes are durable so all your valuables are being safeguard.
  • Relying on the Ecoboxes’ durable design to minimize damages to materials moved. This can reduce the number of claims and reimbursements you handle annually.
  • Adding environmentally friendly products and services that attract growing demand from green-minded customers.
  • Eliminating heavy lifting using Rentabox solutions, this can reduce Workers’ Compensation issues and make your customers’ packing easier.

Contact us to learn how Rentabox can create a solution for you.

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